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I am now officially eliminated from the Scrappin' Moms Idol contest... The six weeks being in the competition has been great while it lasted. Funny how the only disappointment I feel is that I won't be able to go home for my planned 5 day weekend. Apart from that I am cool with it (yep, I am..surprisingly). I owe this feeling of contentment to the fact that I actually love the last layout I did for the challenge. When I saw the upload last Thursday for the round 5 challenge, I knew without a doubt that this was the end of the road for me. I knew I showcased my 'style' in the layout and I loved every nook and cranny about it! I was absolutely crazy and giddy about my layout! But along with the other entries, my layout stood out like a sore thumb. And I knew then.. But looking at my layout, I am so proud of myself.. I have gone this far without compromising how I like my layouts to look like.. While some may not have a full appreciation of this kind of scrapping or style, that's really okay.. Bottomline is I scrap to my contentment. I enjoyed the process, I documented my feelings, I was able to create according to the challenge rules, I lost countless nights thinking 'what the hell am I suppose to do',enjoyed shopping for my materials (and going overboard many times)... It was crazy! But it was also fun..More than anything, this experience will not deter me from joining other contests that are out there. Who knows I might get lucky with some of them..Overall, this contest has been a great outlet to showcase the wonderful talent Filipinos have to offer. For those who were brave enough to try and compete - kudos to all of you! Again, this may sound cliché' but you are all winners for finishing layouts because I know, as a scrapper, how much you have poured your heart and soul into creating and for even trying to just to lay it out there for others to judge and compare. Having your work of art be subjected to points and scores is really - REALLY - not easy. Job well done to the all the contestants, from beginning to end!
To Tin Yao - sa walang sawang pag-iwan ng mga nakakatabang pusong mensahe sa mga layouts ko - maraming salamat!
To Mrs Sonza - salamat salamat.. At mother ha! Ang mga kits nakaka-addict sinasabi ko sa yo.. Currently, I'm subscribed to 3, not counting my frequent trips to MWL and LP.. If the buying doesn't stop, naku I will be 5 years away from saving my first million (in peso ha!).. Miss you my friend..
And to Nita - you are such a good person.. I was deeply touched by your message to me and I'm really happy that you have appreciated my layout. It's encouragement from kick-ass scrappers like you that fuels my desire to scrap more and better! Para sa akin panalo ka! I am rooting for you! God bless you, Nita!
I will post all the layouts I made for the contest here soon. Watch out for it..Have a great week ahead!
And so I did a little retail therapy...

Gorgeous patterned papers from Daisy Bucket

Sumner, Ashville & Background arrow and Journaling spots from Scenic Route.. Funky...

I was also able to buy a new craft knife from Making Memories since the Xacto I bought has long since given up on me... And althought the Honeybee scissors can do the cut, nothing beats using a craft knife to carve intricate patterns..

So I should say I have reached my scrapping quota this month.. The Paper Posies kit is already available so I may be able to get that tomorrow and meet Amy at Tiong Bahru at the usual place. And the Poppy Ink and SOMO kits - probably within the week as well.

I'm still in the middle of finishing my entry to round 3 (aiyo! who would've thought I made it?)and - true to the form of being a poster child for procrastination - I'm dilly-dallying again..

A few weeks ago I decorated the 8x8 American Crafts album I bought and named it Pearl's visual diary... I seem to be doing a lot of scrapping in SIN since I got here (since I have more time alone by myself with nothing better to do..).

Papers and alpha stickers are from BG Infuse and I bling-ified the patterns by using Stickles...

On a not so scrappy note...

I am so blue today that I played hooky and did not go to work.. I'm really starting to have serious doubts whether I would be able last the year here in Singapore.. I can no longer explain the loneliness I feel and everyday it seems to be getting worse. I really need to stop and think if this is what I really want. I chose to be here and so I can also choose not to be here.. I hate disappointments but sometimes I just need to raise the flag and surrender... If my feelings don't change I know I need to go home before I lose my sanity..

Apart from being lazy today, I've finally downloaded the whole Grey's Anatomy season 3 episodes and will probably begin the marathon after I finish this book:

I've had this fascination on vampire novels ever since I read Interview With a Vampire when I was in college. But it was hard to find really good fiction about vampires without the novel turning into something fantastical. The last good vampire novel I read was The Historian 2 years ago.. And then I had this love affair with anything related to The DaVinci Code, self help books and Jodi Picoult novels.. This one I stumbled upon the B&N bestseller list -the third book in it's sereies unseated the 7th Harry Potter book in - I think - it's third week.. It's more juvenile fiction than adult - but lemmetelya - I can't put it down! I went to a couple of bookstores here just to hunt down the 3 books - I got lucky at Times in Plaza Singapura. Good thing it was payday weekend..

Have a great week ahead!

I've been living under a rock these past few days fully concentrating on myscrapbook layouts for the first ever Scrappin' Moms Idol contest. I am so lucky to have reached round 2 and be in the playing field along with some really lean and mean Filipino scrapbookers.. This contest is far different from all the challenges I have joined - and by far the hardest.. So hard, all I think about the whole day is my layout execution. And I know I have to step it up so as not to embarrass myself (see the Scrappin' Moms Idol Gallery here to see what I mean).. At this point I am criticizing myself to pieces with the layouts I have entered so far.. I can't help but compare my work to the other contestants whose layouts are just insane! The entries are so good sometimes I wonder what brain function should I stimulate in order to get the same calibre as these scrapbookers. But alas.. I can only be myself and hope my mojo is still working which will at least put me in the top 12 by the end of the weekly eliminations.. I want to see the look on myboss' face when I file my leave of absence to go home to Manila over the weekend so that I could compete in a scrapbook contest.. She'll probably think I'm nuts...
I am stressing this week on the round 2 eliminations.. I think that this is going to be the end of me.. In as much as I want to make a banging layout, my senses told me to skip the LSS to shop for materials and just stick with what I have on hand right now. Imagine me last weekend, in the living room with all the papers that I have spread around me and grouping them to which color family they belong. If I can justify my ignorance for the color wheel (I swear on my Honeybee that I did not learn this in prep or elementary school), I will. So there.. I've just confessed.. I'm a fraud - I do not have a single idea how the color wheel works.. I am an embarassment to the scrapbooking community... Wahh!!!
And so I have submitted my layout today with crossed fingers and toes..And crap! I was in the office really early today to scan it.. Oh, woes of a scrapper...
I received an email from Sahrie, owner of Scrapbukan, congratulating me that I won the Scrapbukan challenge. I was surprised - really surprised! - but most of all, I was very happy - so happy that I was laughing myself with amazement from the news (and earned a lot of stares from my Singaporean co-workers). This news comes unexpected to me - I really wasn't expecting to win at all.

The reason I joined the Scrapbukan challenge was for several reasons. First and foremost, I just love to scrapbook - I refrain from going out in the weekends or staying out late in the evening just so I could marvel at my papers, tools and embellishments (which is really not that much here in Singapore - believe me), create something that will make me happy. To me, scrapbooking is heaven! Second, I joined the 2nd Scrapbukan anniversary challenge last year - I did not win, nor did I garner any honorable mention - but I loved the challenge and I enjoyed the process of doing the layout. I loved the process so much that when it was announced that there will be another anniversary challenge, I told myself 'hey!' I might as well make a layout and make it a yearly tradition for me.. Third, as I mentioned in my previous post, how COOL was it that your layouts will be judged by a product founder and famous international scrapbookers? I wanted them to see what I can do, if they liked it then that's really great and if they don't then that's okay too. Time and again I would say it is not easy to show your layouts to others - let alone having your layouts be subjected to 'judging' - but that's a risk you take. In any competition, whether you win or not, the only thing you lose is the monetary prize. But there is also so much to gain: experience, learning, wisdom.

And as in any competition, there are rules. If you don't follow the rules or broke one of the rules, a lot of eyebrows will be raised. But if you didn't follow the rules and you won, hands and feet will probably be raised in the air. I intentionally used the Scenic Route paper because it felt right to me.. Had I been dying to win this challenge, I would have adhered 100% to the rules and easily used the required paper brand. But if in the end if you are not satisfied with what you have done, what's the point in scrapping?

In as much as I want to thank everybody (you know who you are) for the congrats and encouragement in my affiliated scrap groups by posting a message, I can't because I don't want some of them to assume that I was gloating.. So I can only post it here. Thanks guys for the encouragement.. I will try to leave personal messages to all of you to thank you for the kind words and non-judgement..

But most of all, I am grateful to Sahrie. Read her post here regarding this issue. She could have easily disqualified me but she didn't. Her explanation made me teary eyed (as in!). I'm over the roof happy that despite garnering a zero in the challenge requirements category, I still had the most number of points. For someone like me who only scraps out of sheer bliss and happiness, I must be doing something right.. And although this such a long shot, my thanks to Marcia Cornell, Jamie Waters and Joy Uzurraga (if in your lifetime you get to read this - big hugs and thanks to all of you). And Sahrie... Congrats Scrapbukan is 3! I wish you more and more success.. God bless you! Here's a big big hug to you!!!

For the whole week, the top 5 layouts of the challenge will be posted in the Inspirations section of Scrapbukan . How cool is it to be in the same gallery as Pia, Ria and Iris?

Despite this, nothing can rain on my parade... Finally, I am validated.
Title: Thoughts on turning 3 (decades,that is)
Name: Pearl Rigonan
Now that I'm Thirty (hidden journaling)
I've learned that no matter what happens, how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.
I've learned that you can learn a lot about a person by the way he/she handles four things: a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage and tangled tree lights.
I've learned that making a "living" is not the same as making a "life".
I've learned that life sometimes gives you second chances.
I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.
I've learned that if you pursue happiness it will elude you; but if you focus on your family, your friends, the needs of others, your work and doing the best you can, happiness will find you.
I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.
I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one.
I've learned that everyday, you should reach out and touch someone.
I've learned that I still have a lot to learn.
- anonymous -
Materials used:
Patterned papers: MME Tres Jolie, Scenic Route; Cardstock: Bazzill; Felt Ribbon: Queen&Co; Felt flowers: Junkitz; Bling Flower: MAMBI; Chipboard: Scenic Route (Joyful) and Heidi Swapp (3); Brads: Making Memories; Cardstock tab & stickers (hidden journaling): Love, Elsie; Flowers: Prima; Library card: Hygloss; Pens: American Crafts and UniBall Signo; Others: DMC thread, buttons, ribbon and colored pencils

I was finally able to finish my layout for the Scrapbukan challenge in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary. I had such fun doing my layout! I don't think I am the one to put too many embellishments on a page but I was so into it that I just wanted to jazz it up a little and see how far I can go without going overboard. The picture I took won't do justice to my layout (so I have to wake up extra early tomorrow so I can scan this one in the office). But I am so psyched about my layout! My flatmates already saw the layout but I will only publish it here on my blog once the layout is published in the Scrapbukan website (element of surprise baga!). As if I am going to win.. haha... But watch out for it..
As the scrapbooking trend is more on bright colors and freestyle (thanks to me-idol Elsie F), it was quite a challenge to put that trend into the MME papers.. E I can be 'pasaway' so I added a little Scenic Route to help execute my vision.. I have to say that this is one of my favorite layouts so far (and I have to be really stringy on this one - relying on the embellishments from Paper Posies and SOMO).
One of the things that excited me most about this challenge is that it will be judged by such talented scrapbookers in the US... For them to see and critique my layout is awsome (even if they say that my layout is totally bogus, the fact that THEY 'judged' my layout is just out of this world!!). So I'm pretty psyched about that..
Hay... Goodluck on my scanning tomorrow.. If not, I'll just let flatmate Edwin take a photo of it in his drool worthy Nikon DSLR with those paparazzi lenses..
Have finally finished my Kaya 3 challenge layout today.. It was fun doing this, I have been contemplating how to scrap this picture of me, Marcy and Joy taken during our stroll in Orchard Road..

It was also a chance for me to use the October Afternoon clear stamps included in the June kit of Story of My Own. I was stumped (no pun intended) on how to use these stamps - but when you are inspired, it's funny how so many ideas start to flood you.. Anyway, I was just glad that I was able to use these stamps.

The paper is by Jenny Bowlin Studio, stamps by October Afternoon & Technique Tuesday, plastic brackets from American Crafts, stamping inks are from Tsukineko and Technique Tuesday, pens are from American Crafts and Staedler.

Oh.. I'm so wanting a new camera...

Finally.... I'm online again... hopefully permanently (depending on the internet connection I will have..). Can't believe that it's been three months since I've moved here to Singapore... has it really been that long? The hustle and bustle of this country hasn't minimized the loneliness I feel sometimes.. I still miss 'home' so much, I miss my family, my friends, the food, the chaos. I miss the little things I took for granted, like speaking Tagalog the whole day, unbelievable traffic and such. Don't get me wrong... I am grateful for this opportunity (well, the pay is NOT something I could complain about). I'm here now and I should take advantage. Haven't done much scrapping and I am absolutely about to go nuts! It's bad enough that I don't have a decent camera with me when I came here.. And so my stash is now accumulating but no nice layout to show yet.. However, I've been hooked on altering stuff.. Take this album for example.. (In whole and the sum of it's part - sorry the free scanner I got can only accommodate the maximum of A4.. I am still learning how to edit pictures using Paint (Adobe you say? No chance.. Unless someone will buy me the whole CS for ... uhm.. the last time I checked it was USD600+).

The album is the 12x12 modern albums by American Crafts - I've been sweatin' over these albums for the longest time! Found these in Made With Love.. I am so crazy for these albums because you can personalize it however you want!
I also absolutely love this rubber stamp:

It's by Cat's Life Press.. I bought a couple of stamps by CLP 'coz they're super cool!
Other materials I used are BBP cardstocks; FP, 7G and K&Co (Amy Butler line.. gorgeous!) patterned papers; Tsukineko dewdrop stamp; Hambly overlay; MM & Scrapworks rub-ons; Maya Road chipboards; AC felt thickers & pen; and Stickles (addicted to them as well)...
Following my fancy for AC albums, I also bought an 8x8 album which I am going to decorate with the new BG Infuse line.. And I can't wait to start that!
I am scheduled to arrive in Singapore on April 14. If things go exactly into plan, I will be able to meet up with the Singaporean scrappers for a fun filled day of scrapping and learning on April 21 for The Velvet Cat's event. Two workshops are slated to be given by Kah-Mei Smith - founder of Fontwerks - titled I, Woman and The Firm. I have already received my homework list and I am beyond excited to go and get my stuff together. Having attended the Scrapbukan event with MG Abuzman, I am 100% positive that this will be a glorious day for a happy scrapper like me.
Like MG's class, we are required to do a lot of journalling prior to the event. I am sure that I will be salivating for a very long time with the kits to be given (Fontwerks, 7G, Maya Road). The event itself already burned a whole in my pocket (approx USD 110 for the two classes) so I will be minimizing my spending on this day (oh please God, grant me the courage..).
These are the samples of the projects we are making on this day (photos were grabbed from TVC's blog).

I, Woman

The Firm
Will be posting the projects I have made soon!
I am (crossing my fingers) moving to Singapore to start my new independence. For several years, my parents have always encouraged me to stretch my wings and consider moving to another country to improve my way of life - I am very happy to have both parents supporting me and believing that I can always do better. It was not pressure from them that made me decide to finally go ahead and pursue working abroad, it was finally coming to a conclusion that things are not going the way I expected it to be here in the Philippines. Factors such as career path and income has forced me to re-evaluate my choices and priorities. I have no regrets that I am finally ending my 8 year career in Exel, now DHL. With so much turmoil going on with the integration, I believe that it is best for me to move on and take with me all the lessons and learnings that I have accumulated - I took these turn of events as a sign - and bring it with me as I find an organization which will better suit my future success. Sadness is inevitable as I will bring me so many good memories and leaving behind so many people who have touched my life in more ways than I can imagine. Moving out and finally moving on. I pray to God the strength I need to stand on my own two feet and face the vast and unpredictable future that lay ahead of me.

I see drama in these coming days.

I've already come to terms with the emotional side of relocating - of course there are sooooo many people and things that I will miss. But my mind is churning on how to perform the logistics (no pun intended) side of relocating.

So I will stick true to what this blog is all about - scrapping.

I haven't touched my scrapbook stuff for three weeks since everything has been packed up in boxes. My main goal was to segregate everything to what will be essential to me when I move to Singapore. Marian is going to Singapore for a week long conference and I have already packed up about 500 pieces of patterned paper that she can bring to Joy's place (since scouting for my own place will probably commence as soon as I arrive, which is on April 14). My scrap stuff has become my security blanket and I know I will be really restless until I reunite with them again. As for my airline booking, I am only allowed to bring 20 kgs of baggage and the scrap essentials I have allocated for my departure are my paper kits, stamps & inks, paint and embellishments (which I am assuming is about 15 kgs already). What's a scrapper to do?

A few weeks ago I came across The Scrapper's Loft - an Asian scrapper's forum. There are so many many talented Asian scrappers and after looking at some of their layouts, I am very happy on how fast and vast the hobby is spreading.. I joined the forum because it was, I think, very logical for me being Asian.

TSL is also a forum for the Asian Dares - it's a scrapping challenge every 1st and 16th (if I am not mistaken) of the month. If your layout is chosen, you may get a prize for participating! How cool is that?!? But the most important thing for me is accomplishing the challenge..

Their Dare #3 is about heritage and I made a layout about me being proud to be Pinoy.

If I dare say so myself, I think this layout is one of my best yet. I've always been challenged on trying to layer patterned paper from different manufacturers. I love the effect of the scalloping I did on the Paper Salon paper (and putting holes on them - I think this is a trend now in scrapbooking). I also love the 7g paper I used as a photo mat. And don't get me started on the photo.. this was taken using my K800 phone. The alpha overlays over my photo is again and inspiration from Elsie F. I've also included a hidden journaling explaining how proud I am to be Pinoy. And I am really proud of myself that the I was able to finish this page in 1 day!

I hope to finish at least 1 Asian dare challenge a month.. That's a dare I won't mind doing!

I made two layouts for my family a couple of weeks ago but never got the chance to post them. Mental note to self: Next time mom & dad are in town, capture as many photographs of them with the grandkids - maybe with the adults also- for scrapping purposes.

Celebrating 30

I finished this layout on the 3rd week of February, just in time for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary.. goodness, I'm old!

Grand Love

My parents with the grand kids.. I started this layout during SE's Feb EB and many of the scrappers liked the flower petal stamps I used. It's by Technique Tuesday and I never got a chance to do a layout using these stamps.. I used it for some altered projects and cards. I love these stamps and TT came up with new sets of the LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT stamps.. Ooh! Can't wait to get my hands on those goodies!

'When you are in the mood to scrap.. you just have to scrap and take advantage of the mojo'

This is what I told my brother when he told how fast I was that I was able to finish several layouts already. I am so in the mood to scrap nowadays and I am happy with the results.. Many many wonderful inspirations from my idol - Elsie F.

All Grown Up

My nephew, Joaquin, is all grown up. I am trying to mix and match different patterned papers from different manufacturers. It was a good thing that I had the GinX Scientifically Weird paper - it had many quotes about boys and it coincided with Joaquin all grown up.

We've Come A Long Way

More of my SFO pictures.. I got this sketch from the February Pagemaps downloads (Thank God for Pagemaps - makes scrapping a whole lot better) ! And how gorgeous is 7gypsies? If I can get my hands on all their products I would! I absolutely love 7 gypsies! I've again taken a shot at mixing patterned papers.

1:09 - My Time To Beat

This is one of my simpler layouts. From the AE Newsletter, one of the challenges for January was essentials. I've pretty much summed up what are my essentials as a scrapbooker. Let's see.. there's cardstock, patterned papers, brads, rub-ons, paint, stamp, alpha emebellishments, pens and ribbons. I like that this is clean and super simple. If you noticed I doodled in the patterned paper - another elsie inspiration.

I was eating this huge slice of pepperoni pizza (yum!) when Aldwyn took this picture. I saw this gigantic pair of shoes, suitcase and box of chocolates in a bench beside Pier 39. I was curious to know how it would feel like to be in Forrest Gump's shoes - literally! This is a fun photo!
I enjoyed making this layout. As I was still in an Elsie mood, the frame on the picture is one of the many fun challenges in her fabulous book. I also handstitched the edges of the BG papers (took me two nights!). I don't know if my mixing of colors and patterned papers hit the mark. But I have many excuses IF i didn't hit it.. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the sort-of spring color of this picture. Bottomline is, I am happy on how this layout turned out!

1. Sleeping in reallly, really late..

2. Watching dvds all day.. I watched The Devil Wears Prada (love it!), Little Miss Sunshine (love this one too!) and Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (funnee!!).

3. Junkfood binge! - chips & chocolates!

4. Scrap, scrap and more scrap!!!

Projects I finished:

Inspire - Convergence of several Elsie Challenges

I love Maria Grace Abuzman! She is the bomb! I was truly to honored to have met a published scrapbooker. And she inspires me a lot to not be bound by any scrapping rules and just do all my layouts the way that makes me happy. She truly emanates the word 'INSPIRE' to me.

Having been published in one of my fave scrapbookers book - Elsie Flannigan - this layout actually composes of several Elsie challenges like customizing photo corners and journaling strips.

Oh.. and to top it all of I included my ID in the class - how cool is it that MG wrote my name? Sweet!!

MY 2007 Planner

I was finally given my boss a planner for 2007. It is simple and very business like. So how wonderful that I can Pearl-ify it to fit my fancy:

Have a great week ahead! Ü
See how funny this is.. I created a layout about Christmas using Valentine themed papers! I just love the rustic element of the Basic Grey line. It just takes a little courage to cut and paste these gorgeous papers! I love, love this layout!

It also takes a whole lot of patience to bling-ify the HS flowers.. First, the MM Glitters won't hold up. It's probably the glue I'm using (BIC). And second, the UTEE keeps peeling off! So the flowers won't move for quite a while to avoid the peeling and repeated heating to make it shiny again.