I am now officially eliminated from the Scrappin' Moms Idol contest... The six weeks being in the competition has been great while it lasted. Funny how the only disappointment I feel is that I won't be able to go home for my planned 5 day weekend. Apart from that I am cool with it (yep, I am..surprisingly). I owe this feeling of contentment to the fact that I actually love the last layout I did for the challenge. When I saw the upload last Thursday for the round 5 challenge, I knew without a doubt that this was the end of the road for me. I knew I showcased my 'style' in the layout and I loved every nook and cranny about it! I was absolutely crazy and giddy about my layout! But along with the other entries, my layout stood out like a sore thumb. And I knew then.. But looking at my layout, I am so proud of myself.. I have gone this far without compromising how I like my layouts to look like.. While some may not have a full appreciation of this kind of scrapping or style, that's really okay.. Bottomline is I scrap to my contentment. I enjoyed the process, I documented my feelings, I was able to create according to the challenge rules, I lost countless nights thinking 'what the hell am I suppose to do',enjoyed shopping for my materials (and going overboard many times)... It was crazy! But it was also fun..More than anything, this experience will not deter me from joining other contests that are out there. Who knows I might get lucky with some of them..Overall, this contest has been a great outlet to showcase the wonderful talent Filipinos have to offer. For those who were brave enough to try and compete - kudos to all of you! Again, this may sound cliché' but you are all winners for finishing layouts because I know, as a scrapper, how much you have poured your heart and soul into creating and for even trying to just to lay it out there for others to judge and compare. Having your work of art be subjected to points and scores is really - REALLY - not easy. Job well done to the all the contestants, from beginning to end!
To Tin Yao - sa walang sawang pag-iwan ng mga nakakatabang pusong mensahe sa mga layouts ko - maraming salamat!
To Mrs Sonza - salamat salamat.. At mother ha! Ang mga kits nakaka-addict sinasabi ko sa yo.. Currently, I'm subscribed to 3, not counting my frequent trips to MWL and LP.. If the buying doesn't stop, naku I will be 5 years away from saving my first million (in peso ha!).. Miss you my friend..
And to Nita - you are such a good person.. I was deeply touched by your message to me and I'm really happy that you have appreciated my layout. It's encouragement from kick-ass scrappers like you that fuels my desire to scrap more and better! Para sa akin panalo ka! I am rooting for you! God bless you, Nita!
I will post all the layouts I made for the contest here soon. Watch out for it..Have a great week ahead!

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