I was finally able to finish my layout for the Scrapbukan challenge in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary. I had such fun doing my layout! I don't think I am the one to put too many embellishments on a page but I was so into it that I just wanted to jazz it up a little and see how far I can go without going overboard. The picture I took won't do justice to my layout (so I have to wake up extra early tomorrow so I can scan this one in the office). But I am so psyched about my layout! My flatmates already saw the layout but I will only publish it here on my blog once the layout is published in the Scrapbukan website (element of surprise baga!). As if I am going to win.. haha... But watch out for it..
As the scrapbooking trend is more on bright colors and freestyle (thanks to me-idol Elsie F), it was quite a challenge to put that trend into the MME papers.. E I can be 'pasaway' so I added a little Scenic Route to help execute my vision.. I have to say that this is one of my favorite layouts so far (and I have to be really stringy on this one - relying on the embellishments from Paper Posies and SOMO).
One of the things that excited me most about this challenge is that it will be judged by such talented scrapbookers in the US... For them to see and critique my layout is awsome (even if they say that my layout is totally bogus, the fact that THEY 'judged' my layout is just out of this world!!). So I'm pretty psyched about that..
Hay... Goodluck on my scanning tomorrow.. If not, I'll just let flatmate Edwin take a photo of it in his drool worthy Nikon DSLR with those paparazzi lenses..

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