I am scheduled to arrive in Singapore on April 14. If things go exactly into plan, I will be able to meet up with the Singaporean scrappers for a fun filled day of scrapping and learning on April 21 for The Velvet Cat's event. Two workshops are slated to be given by Kah-Mei Smith - founder of Fontwerks - titled I, Woman and The Firm. I have already received my homework list and I am beyond excited to go and get my stuff together. Having attended the Scrapbukan event with MG Abuzman, I am 100% positive that this will be a glorious day for a happy scrapper like me.
Like MG's class, we are required to do a lot of journalling prior to the event. I am sure that I will be salivating for a very long time with the kits to be given (Fontwerks, 7G, Maya Road). The event itself already burned a whole in my pocket (approx USD 110 for the two classes) so I will be minimizing my spending on this day (oh please God, grant me the courage..).
These are the samples of the projects we are making on this day (photos were grabbed from TVC's blog).

I, Woman

The Firm
Will be posting the projects I have made soon!
I am (crossing my fingers) moving to Singapore to start my new independence. For several years, my parents have always encouraged me to stretch my wings and consider moving to another country to improve my way of life - I am very happy to have both parents supporting me and believing that I can always do better. It was not pressure from them that made me decide to finally go ahead and pursue working abroad, it was finally coming to a conclusion that things are not going the way I expected it to be here in the Philippines. Factors such as career path and income has forced me to re-evaluate my choices and priorities. I have no regrets that I am finally ending my 8 year career in Exel, now DHL. With so much turmoil going on with the integration, I believe that it is best for me to move on and take with me all the lessons and learnings that I have accumulated - I took these turn of events as a sign - and bring it with me as I find an organization which will better suit my future success. Sadness is inevitable as I will bring me so many good memories and leaving behind so many people who have touched my life in more ways than I can imagine. Moving out and finally moving on. I pray to God the strength I need to stand on my own two feet and face the vast and unpredictable future that lay ahead of me.

I see drama in these coming days.

I've already come to terms with the emotional side of relocating - of course there are sooooo many people and things that I will miss. But my mind is churning on how to perform the logistics (no pun intended) side of relocating.

So I will stick true to what this blog is all about - scrapping.

I haven't touched my scrapbook stuff for three weeks since everything has been packed up in boxes. My main goal was to segregate everything to what will be essential to me when I move to Singapore. Marian is going to Singapore for a week long conference and I have already packed up about 500 pieces of patterned paper that she can bring to Joy's place (since scouting for my own place will probably commence as soon as I arrive, which is on April 14). My scrap stuff has become my security blanket and I know I will be really restless until I reunite with them again. As for my airline booking, I am only allowed to bring 20 kgs of baggage and the scrap essentials I have allocated for my departure are my paper kits, stamps & inks, paint and embellishments (which I am assuming is about 15 kgs already). What's a scrapper to do?

A few weeks ago I came across The Scrapper's Loft - an Asian scrapper's forum. There are so many many talented Asian scrappers and after looking at some of their layouts, I am very happy on how fast and vast the hobby is spreading.. I joined the forum because it was, I think, very logical for me being Asian.

TSL is also a forum for the Asian Dares - it's a scrapping challenge every 1st and 16th (if I am not mistaken) of the month. If your layout is chosen, you may get a prize for participating! How cool is that?!? But the most important thing for me is accomplishing the challenge..

Their Dare #3 is about heritage and I made a layout about me being proud to be Pinoy.

If I dare say so myself, I think this layout is one of my best yet. I've always been challenged on trying to layer patterned paper from different manufacturers. I love the effect of the scalloping I did on the Paper Salon paper (and putting holes on them - I think this is a trend now in scrapbooking). I also love the 7g paper I used as a photo mat. And don't get me started on the photo.. this was taken using my K800 phone. The alpha overlays over my photo is again and inspiration from Elsie F. I've also included a hidden journaling explaining how proud I am to be Pinoy. And I am really proud of myself that the I was able to finish this page in 1 day!

I hope to finish at least 1 Asian dare challenge a month.. That's a dare I won't mind doing!

I made two layouts for my family a couple of weeks ago but never got the chance to post them. Mental note to self: Next time mom & dad are in town, capture as many photographs of them with the grandkids - maybe with the adults also- for scrapping purposes.

Celebrating 30

I finished this layout on the 3rd week of February, just in time for my parents' 30th wedding anniversary.. goodness, I'm old!

Grand Love

My parents with the grand kids.. I started this layout during SE's Feb EB and many of the scrappers liked the flower petal stamps I used. It's by Technique Tuesday and I never got a chance to do a layout using these stamps.. I used it for some altered projects and cards. I love these stamps and TT came up with new sets of the LOVES ME LOVES ME NOT stamps.. Ooh! Can't wait to get my hands on those goodies!